5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change

By Daniela Clare

“losing weight alone will not get you across the finish line with a winning time, to win you need to go all in”

There are several ideas of what makes a great leader, the ability to deal with change effectively is just one indisputable quality! Hear what organisational change expert and author, Jim Hemerling’s views are on the matter in his talk “5 ways to lead in an era of constant change”. In this insightful piece, Hemerling explains how transformation should be energising, not exhausting, and outlines his top five imperatives to effective leading in an era of constant change. All centred on the idea of putting people first, Hemerling believes that preparation, enabling, instilling a growth minded culture and having a clear road map are just some of the key examples of what it takes for organisations to develop.

As Hemerling puts it frankly: we can run, but we can’t hide from change. And in a world of constant technological advances and globalisation, he argues that organisations who wish to thrive will learn to boldly transform the way they adapt! What are your thoughts?