My First Lesson: Organisations are Grounded in Employee Potential, Potential is Grounded in Motivation

by Daniela Clare

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” is an expression I grew tired of hearing throughout my uni years. I would roll my eyes at those who muttered these words and think to myself “why can’t people just prioritise tasks?”, “Maybe it’s down to poor time management” and “how is it I can manage to get all my uni work done, do yoga in the evening AND have time to take an afternoon nap between courses?”. Well, now that I’m a fully-fledged working professional, I look back on my naïve undergrad lack of empathy and think “you literally had all the time in the world!”

I am not reflecting on my days at university with nostalgia, wishing I was still there with all that time to spare. In fact, I remember quite well that I couldn’t wait to leave! To start earning money! To enter the real world! So, I booked a one way ticket to France to start working just a week after my final ever exam.

A couple of months in to living in Lyon however, I realised that: 1) rent is expensive, 2) food is expensive 3) going out 4 nights a week instead of spending money on food is not the real world and 4) working in a call centre for a breakdown service didn’t give much opportunity for progression. With this in mind, and with the fruitful proposition of coming home to the rent free utopia, offered very kindly by my parents, I swiftly packed up and did what I had intended to do all along which was find a “real job”.

After going through the agency assessment day recruitment process (another story for another day) I was soon employed at HRCubed as a Business Development Executive and have now been here for 4 months! Of course, I now have a lot less time, I am working the majority of it, and I probably need those afternoon naps a lot more than I did at university, but I have learned a very valuable lesson; when there is less time to spare, you need to use the time you do have to its full potential, in order for YOU to achieve your full potential.

With this lesson in mind, I have made every minute count, prioritising my own tasks and setting personal targets for the working week. It has been a steep learning curve – not only have I learned that HR is not just the place you go when you haven’t been paid (France, I’m talking to you) but that entire organisations are grounded in the potential of their people! Working for a HR consultancy has provided me with an insight into how many different kinds of organisation are led, their different strategies, processes, how they value, reward and engage people, and what makes those companies great (or not so great) places to work!

As a person, I have grown in confidence, in creativity and in skill but most importantly I have grown in drive, and I have HRCubed to thank for that with their continuous encouragement and support. Never before have I had the motivation to achieve great things for a company, to learn more about an industry so I can see the organisation grow and develop. I find it genuinely fulfilling when I see projects successfully come to fruition, that I have helped make happen.

This fulfilment teamed with the genuine excitement from my managers for my achievements are what motivates me to achieve my full potential, and is what I can take away as my first lesson from working in the industry. I am sure it will be the first lesson of many!