Getting the basics right

In our experience of HR Transformations, many consultancies bring new tools and the latest fads to the table. We are different, we don't align to the latest whizzy fads or buzz-words of the day, or push any specific technology or methodology onto our clients. We help HR to create solid foundations and to instil in the function and the organisation a sense of continuous improvement. A great starting point for many of our clients is Process Review. Click here to find out more.

Our People

We believe that the reason that a business can succeed comes predominantly down to people. That is why we live and breath HR – HR are the warriors that ensure organisations can thrive. At HRCubed we also believe in the power of our people. Our HR knowledge and expertise comes from our network of employees, associates, customers, partners and friends in the HR community – it is this quality of network that means that we can call upon the right people when we need them for services, support, coaching or advice. We are extremely proud of our network – nurtured over decades of working with and supporting each other.

Working with us may mean that you start as a customer, but in time we hope that through our close working relationship you will come to see us as an adviser, partner, associate and friend.

See our Who We Are section for more.

HR as the catalyst for change

We do HR differently. We have opened our eyes and our ears to what the HR community needs and perhaps more importantly to how organisations need HR to support them differently.

Our mission therefore is to get HR people thinking innovatively about how they service customers. By nurturing, developing and upskilling people in an organisation, HR’s role is to enable those people to provide competitive, edgy, compelling services and products to their markets. HR’s direct responsibility for this end game is at the heart of our HRCubed philosophy.

Our Tools

We have a range of tools and insights to help HR teams ‘hit the ground running’. Whether this is a business case creation tool, a suite of best practice process maps, templates for HR systems procurement or our integrated change management toolkit, we can help you to drive quick and sustainable value and develop leading services that impact business performance and employee sentiment.