HR and Payroll Process Review and Improvement

The Light Bulb Moment

During a recent webinar on process improvement, we were asked whether 'current state' processes should be reviewed at all or whether it's better to start with what you need and work towards that. This is a really great question and one that we have a very definitive answer to. Every client we have worked with has similar experiences of our process improvement workshops.

"We had no idea there was so much manual intervention in our HR processes"

"It was great to have managers in the room who are impacted on a daily basis - there was a real coming together of minds"

"We now have a clear view of where we are and where we need to improve. The quick wins will help us to build momentum and a case for wider change"

As a result of these workshops and the analysis and recommendations we provide we always see a light-bulb moment with clients. How can you understand where you need to get to if you don't understand the risks and issues facing the business and the outcomes that you'd like to achieve in HR? As part of our workshops we work with you to start with outcomes, which should be focussed on business and people objectives. Just what are we trying to achieve with this process? Is it still a valid process? How do the recipients feel currently and how would we like them to feel? Only then can you start to design an experience and a process to fit your business.

And it doesn't matter what stage you're at in our journey. Lots of our clients are just starting out on a transformation or a technology project, but we also have a lot of clients who have 'business as usual' issues and need to optimise what they already have - and sometimes that's the best tech in the market, just not working in quite the way it should. This is almost always due to a misalignment somewhere between people, process and technology.

Talk to us to understand how we can help to shape your improvement journey and provide the focus your team needs.