We are an HR enhancement consultancy. Whether you are looking to completely transform your function or improve part of your HR operating model, our tribe of HRCubed consultants can help with real tools, best practices and a raft of experience to help expedite change in a cost effective way.

We work with organisations of all sizes across all industries who aspire to provide cutting edge people services within their organisations. We are passionate about HR and its power to influence how people exist and relate within organisations. In particular we believe that people are the conduits to business success and importantly that HR can become the change catalyst needed in a business to drive engagement, productivity, innovation and ultimately customer satisfaction. In fact 20 years of research* suggests that organisations with more engaged employees can:

Become 300% more innovative
Increase employee retention by 44%
Improve productivity by 31%
Achieve 37% more sales

(*Research from HBR, Gallup, Martin Seligman, Greenberg & Arawaka, Delivering Happiness)

We specialise in process improvement, technology optimisation, organisation design and most importantly – enabling HR to be a catalyst for positive ongoing change within their organisations. We will be your guide on this exciting journey.