Register for our webinar – Technology implementation – Improving your likelihood of success

Register for our webinar “Technology implementation – Improving your Likelihood of Success” taking place on Tuesday 9th October at 1:00pm until 2:00pm.

Many organisations take quite some time from the point they start to think about their new system and actually going live, typically 12-18 months, but often longer if multiple modules are involved or if the organisation has a global footprint. Even more worrying is that it can take far longer to reap all of the anticipated benefits, gain a return on investment and achieve all expected outcomes.

Over our collative decades of helping organisations to implement new technology, and based on recent research, we have learned five key lessons that organisations can apply to their projects to improve their likelihood of success. These are:

  • Plan, plan and plan some more
  • Balance standardisation with business need
  • Do not underestimate the technical dependencies
  • Do not forget about Organisation Design
  • Invest in great change management

During this webinar Mandy Chapman will explain how HRCubed has approached these challenges and provide some guidance on harnessing the 5 lessons.