Bringing HR and Payroll together to melt the ‘Iceberg of Ignorance’

The ‘iceberg of ignorance’ was a study produced by consultant, Sidney Yoshida in 1989 which highlighted that senior people within an organisation that are removed from day-to-day operations often can’t see the most pressing problems that their people face on a daily basis. In fact, the study argued business leadership is frequently hardly aware at all of any of the real challenges faced by the organisation.

This whitepaper discusses that nowhere is the importance of this better illustrated than in the age-old HR/payroll disconnect. It’s been an ongoing debate: should payroll sit in finance or HR or should it work in isolation? The reality is that there is no simple answer to this ongoing conundrum. Every business is different in this respect and in many organisations the lack of clarity around this means that payroll is likely to remain a nomadic department, with no clear and obvious home.

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